ᴜᴄʟᴀʙ is a visualization research group situated 
between design, computing, and the humanities.

New Complexity Recent projects, publications and activities

uclabprojectfig Project

The Fold

Rethinking interactivity in data visualization

jmb_thumbnail Project

Topography of Violence

Visualizing antisemitic violence in Germany 1930–1938

05_Thesis Project

Visuals for Language

Consistent visual representations of grammar

Outreach event

If you are curious about communicating climate change scenarios with data visualization, please join us for the SENSES Outreach Event being held online on 15 January at 2pm (CET).

15 January 2021

Co-Designing Visualizations for Information Seeking and Knowledge Management

  • Marian Dörk
  • Boris Müller
  • Jan-Erik Stange
  • Johannes Herseni
  • Katja Dittrich
— Open Information Science‚ 4(1), pages 217-235, 2020

The Close-up Cloud: Visualizing Details of Image Collections in Dynamic Overviews

  • Pauline Junginger
  • Dennis Ostendorf
  • Barbara Avila Vissirini
  • Anastasia Voloshina
  • Timo Hausmann
  • Sarah Kreiseler
  • Marian Dörk
— 6.2-6.13, in: International Journal for Digital Art History; No 5, 2020

Keynote talk

Marian Dörk held the keynote at VIS4DH, the 5th Workshop on Visualization for the Digital Humanities at IEEE VIS → video recording

25 October 2020

Density of Knowledge Organization Systems

  • Linda Freyberg
— In: Knowledge Organization for Digital Humanities, Proceedings of the 15th Conference on Knowledge Organization WissOrg’17 of the German Chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO), 2018

Conference talk

Boris Müller talked about »Making and Breaking Rules – Visualisation between Creativity and Usability« at the S-H-O-W conference in Utrecht → video recording

28 November 2020
kollisionen Project


Media collisions as drivers of innovation for new approaches to cultural heritage


Iconicity as Simultaneous Plurality. Beyond the Restraints of Formal Knowledge Organization Systems

  • Linda Freyberg
— In: E. Bisanz (ed.): Applied Interdisciplinary Peirce Studies, Peter Lang., 2020
SENSES-Preview-Thumbnail Project


Visualization and Communication of Climate Change Scenarios

Conference talk

Viktoria Brüggemann presented and discussed her research on visualizing digital history at the Digital Academy 2020, hosted by the University of Bielefeld under the topic “Visualisieren und Vergleichen”.

21 October 2020
VIDAN_cover_02 Project


Visual and dynamic arrangements of narratives