The Urban Complexity Lab is a research space at the 
intersection of information visualization 
and urban transformation.

Fachhochschule Potsdam

New Complexity Recent projects, publications and activities

cf-teaser Project

cf. city flows

A comparative visualization of urban bike mobility.

Explanation1-05 Project

Novel City Maps

A poetic view on the city

late bus Slide1 Project

Is the bus late? Or did I miss it?

A visual analysis of public transport real-time data

Open Call

With Visualizing Cities we are soliciting submissions of innovative visualizations of urban data to be part of a platform and exhibition at Habitat III.

Until 31 August 2016

Shanghai Metro Flow

  • Till Nagel
  • Benedikt Groß
— Leonardo 2016
20151012-JP-1737 Project

Micro Visualisations

How can visualisations enhance typography?


Making three Cases for Casual Geovisualizations on Interactive Surfaces

  • Till Nagel
— DEXIS Workshop on Data Exploration for Interactive Surfaces at ACM ITS 2015

Archival Liveness: Designing with Collections Before and During Cataloguing and Digitization

  • Tom Schofield
  • David Kirk
  • Telmo Amaral
  • Marian Dörk
  • Mitchell Whitelaw
  • Guy Schofield
  • Thomas Ploetz
— DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly. 9:3 2015
probing_teaser Project

Probing Projections

Interaction techniques for interpreting dimensionality reductions

VIKUS Past Visions Project


penned by Frederick William IV


Museum im Display. Visualisierung kultureller Sammlungen (VIKUS)

  • Katrin Glinka
  • Marian Dörk
— in: Konferenzband zur 22. Berliner Veranstaltung der internationalen EVA-Serie: Electronic Media and Visual Arts 2015


We’re happy to join Information+ in Vancouver and present our latest work on visualizing large cultural collections.

16 - 18 June 2016


Marian Dörk gives ASIS&T webinar titled Visualizing Cultural Data: Experimental Interfaces for Digitized Collections.

7 July 2016

Invited talk

Lars Grammel (Trifacta): »Data Wrangling: Enabling Successful Analytics and Machine Learning« @ Campus Fachhochschule Potsdam, Room 308 in Haus D. Part of information​+​visualization public lecture series

12 July 2016, 5pm