ᴜᴄʟᴀʙ is a visualization research group situated 
between design, computing, and the humanities.

New Complexity Recent projects, publications and activities

VIDAN_cover_02 Project


Visual and Dynamic Arrangements of Narratives

SoNAR (IDH) Project


Interfaces to Data for Historical Social Network Analysis and Research

Reading Traces Prototype Screenshot 10 Project

Reading traces

Visualizing Fontane’s reference library

Invited talk

Jeffrey Heer (University of Washington): »Raising the Bar (Chart): Enriching Visualization Tools with Design Knowledge« @ Campus FH Potsdam, Lecture Hall in Haus D, start at 4pm. Part of information​+​visualization public lecture series.

22 Oct 2019

Participatory Deep Maps: Towards Discursive User Engagement With Data Visualizations

  • Tobias Kauer
  • Benjamin Bach
  • Marian Dörk
— CityVis: 2nd Workshop on Urban Data at IEEE VIS, 2019
SENSES-Preview-Small Project


Climate Change Scenario Services


Vis for Future is an international competition calling for state-of-the-art visualizations that make sense of the climate crisis and inform the fight for climate justice.

20 Aug - 20 Sep 2019

Narrelations — Visualizing Narrative Levels and their Correlations with Temporal Phenomena

  • Hannah Schwan
  • Janina Jacke
  • Rabea Kleymann
  • Jan-Erik Stange
  • Marian Dörk
— DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly. 13:3, 2019


The visualization prototype created during the Reading Traces project is part of the exhibition fontane.200 / Brandenburg – Bilder und Geschichten at the Haus der Brandenburgisch-Preußischen Geschichte in Potsdam.

6 June - 30 Dec 2019


Post-digital art practices in cultural education


Relational Perspectives as Situated Visualizations of Art Collections

  • Mark-Jan Bludau
  • Marian Dörk
  • Frank Heidmann
— In Book of Abstracts of the Digital Humanities conference (DH) 2019: Complexities. Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2019

Scalable Exploration. Prototype Study For The Visualization Of An Author’s Library On The Example Of ‘Theodor Fontane’s Library’.

  • Anna Busch
  • Mark-Jan Bludau
  • Viktoria Brüggemann
  • Kristina Genzel
  • Sabine Seifert
  • Peer Trilcke
— In Book of Abstracts of the Digital Humanities conference (DH) 2019: Complexities. Utrecht (The Netherlands), 2019


Mark-Jan Bludau receives Brandenburg Designpreis for Reading Traces, an interdisciplinary research project with the Theodor Fontane Archive.

11 June 2019
vikus viewer teaser 2 Project

VIKUS Viewer

Explore cultural collections along time, texture and themes