ᴜᴄʟᴀʙ is a visualization research group situated 
between design, computing, and the humanities.

New Complexity Recent projects, publications and activities

SMB Teaser Project

A Visual Exploration

… of two museum collections

V3_website_v1 Project

Connect – Comprehend – Communicate

Amazonia as a future laboratory

refa Project


Digital contextualization of vestimentary sources


The SOCSEMICS project at the computational social science team of the Centre Marc Bloch in Berlin has a postdoctoral fellowship (2 years) open in association with the UCLAB at FH Potsdam. More details in this job post.

30 Nov 2021

Infrastructure as digital tools and knowledge practices: Connecting the Ethnologisches Museum Berlin with Amazonian Indigenous Communities

  • Andrea Scholz
  • Thiago da Costa Oliveira
  • Marian Dörk
— Digitalisierung ethnologischer Sammlungen: Perspektiven aus Theorie und Praxis, 2021

Project Launch

We just launched a visualization as a retrospective on the pandemic (despite it not being over yet). Please, help our research by exploring the interface and participating in the research: corona memories.

8 Oct 2021


Together with Yanni Loukissas (Georgia Tech, Atlanta) and Isabel Meirelles (OCAD University, Toronto), Marian Dörk is organizing this year’s Information+ 2021 conference. Registration is now open.

27 Sep – 1 Oct 2021
uclabprojectfig Project

The Fold

Rethinking interactivity in data visualization


I/O Bits: User-Driven, Situated, and Dedicated Self-Tracking

  • Kendra Wannamaker
  • Sandeep Kollannur
  • Marian Dörk
  • Wesley Willett
— Proceedings of the 2021 Conference on Designing Interactive Systems, 2021

Unfolding Edges for Exploring Multivariate Edge Attributes in Graphs

  • Mark-Jan Bludau
  • Marian Dörk
  • Christian Tominski
— Poster at Eurographics Conference on Visualization (EuroVis), Zurich (Switzerland), 2021
jmb_thumbnail Project

Topography of Violence

Visualizing antisemitic violence in Germany 1930–1938

dieseskleinebuch01 Project

Visuals for Language

Consistent visual representations of grammar

Summer School

We are preparing the »Visualizing Open Access Summer School« in cooperation with the Open-Access-Büro Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Freie Universität Berlin.

6 – 17 September 2021

Dieses kleine Buch ist für dich

  • Barbara Avila Vissirini
— Eine grafische Grammatik für Deutsch als Fremdsprache, 2021