Seattle Central Library: Making Visible the Invisible (2005-2014)

The installation „Making Visible the Invisible“ is a dynamic real-time calculated data visualization at Seattle Central Library. Consisting of six large LCD screens located behind the main information desk, it focuses on the circulation of checked out books and media and connected metadata (e.g. catalog number, bibliography number, date/time stamps, collection code, item type, barcode, title, callNumber, Dewey class, keywords) received each hour. Thus it provides insights in what patrons consider interesting information at any specific time.

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Selfiecity investigates the style of self-portraits (selfies) analyzing 3200 Instagram selfies shared in New York, Moscow, Berlin, Bangkok, and Sao Paulo with a mix of techniques, ranging from theory over quantitive analysis to visualization and artistic expression. The aim is to quantify patterns and to offer systematic comparisons of selfies by exploring the demographics of people taking selfies, their poses and expressions.

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MOMA – Inventing Abstraction 1910-1925

“Inventing Abstraction 1910-1925” was an exhibition hosted by the Museum of Modern Art, New York (MoMA)  from December 23, 2012 till April 15, 2013 (exhibition website).

The network visualization shows the relationships among the artists that were represented in the exhibition. Red highlighted artist are those with the most connections.

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New York Public Library, Archives & Manuscripts – Terms Explorer

The New York Public Library has a huge archival division which started (like many other archives in the last decades) to digitize their collection. Besides digitizing the finding aids and records/manuscripts, the NY Public Library Labs (check out other projects of the Lab here) are developing new tools for the presentation of library collections.

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MeLa* Critical Archive

The MeLa* European Museums in an age of migrations project was a interdisciplinary research project funded by the European Union from 2011 until 2015.

The visualizations were developed by Andreas Koller from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID). The visualization tries a new way in presenting the research data that was produced during the project. With the help of two visualizations (both using networks) the user can explore the results of the MeLa* project.

Andreas Koller describes the prototype in this Video. Take a look at the project website.

The “Star Map” Prototype

The Critical Archive Prototype