BibleViz // Main view for Cross-reference

BibleViz was a project by a protestant pastor and Chris Harrison, Assistant Professor of Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University, and contains three different visualizations dealing with the cross-references in the bible, relations between people and places and distribution of people and places throughout the bible. These different topics lead to an arc, a map and an interesting pattern.

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Tate Explorer

Tate Explorer // Main Page

Like shards of glass different keywords are scattered on the screen, when opening Tate Explorer Version 1 by Shardcore. When selecting one, they expand to new keywords that are subcategories of the former. Doing this several times will lead down to individual images taken from the Tate collection. Clicking on the images displayed as thumbnails on the right-hand of the screen leads the user to the entry for the artwork in the Tate’s online collection.

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