Seattle Central Library: Making Visible the Invisible (2005-2014)

The installation „Making Visible the Invisible“ is a dynamic real-time calculated data visualization at Seattle Central Library. Consisting of six large LCD screens located behind the main information desk, it focuses on the circulation of checked out books and media and connected metadata (e.g. catalog number, bibliography number, date/time stamps, collection code, item type, barcode, title, callNumber, Dewey class, keywords) received each hour. Thus it provides insights in what patrons consider interesting information at any specific time.

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UTS Library Catalouge

The Library of the University of Technology, Sidney visualized its classification system – the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC). The classification is represented by a bar chart, where every class was assigned a different color. The user can browse the collection of the library by the classification that represents all the subject areas of the collections. The broader a class the more objects are in this class.

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The Bohemian Bookshelf

The project The Bohemian Bookshelf is exploring serendipitous book discoveries through information visualization. The visualization is either for libraries or for book stores. The prototype was developed in 2012 by Alice Thudt (University of Munich), Uta Hinrichs and Sheelagh Carpendale (both University of Calgary).

With the help of five interlinked visualizations the user got multiple visual access points into the collection. The visualization uses timelines, a color grid of the book covers, different displays of text (keyword chain, author spiral). The prototype wants to encourage the serendipity as an important factor in information seeking or even research and also wants to trigger the curiosity of the users.

Take a look at the project paper here.