Städel – Digitale Sammlung (Beta)

Städel Museum // Digital Collection – Beta Version

The “Digital Collection” of the Städel Museum in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, was relaunched recently. Previous to this second version a beta version was shared with the public in 2015, which displayed an innovative way of connecting art works with each other, using various keywords and categories.

The “Digital Collection” enabled an exploration of images through different keywords that were based on associations, emotions and largely used colloquial language. The categories ranged from elements depicted in the pictures, to the art period, artist, emotions, associations and effect of the images.

Each image could be viewed in detail, allowing the user to access further information or find general information about the art period or style, including videos from curators at the Städel Museum Frankfurt.

Users can select images to add them to their favorites and build their own albums and “collections”.

Video of the Beta Version of the Digital Collection on Youtube

Städel Digital Collection_Beta // Object // detailed view