Past Visions

With “Past Visions” Frederick William IV of Prussia’s drawings are available for exploration through time and tag words. Three different modes of view invite a visual play with the different relations between the drawings that are accompanied by detailed descriptions and research reports. The visualization was created in 2016 as part of the research project »VIKUS – Visualising Cultural Collections« at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and is available in German and English.

Users have the opportunity to select between three modes: time, grid and tsne.

In all three modes tag words are displayed at the top of the screen. When the user hovers over one of them, tag words that can later on be selected for further filtering are distinguished from the ones that will then be excluded through fading. When tag words are selected, the “sorting process” is animated by moving the representative small images into the new arrangement. The user has the opportunity to connect several tag words with each other. The drawings the tag words apply to, are distinguished by positioning and transparency (in the time mode: bars above and below the timeline display the images, above it they are not transparent, while the images below are; in the grid and tSNE mode: images that the filters do not apply to are arranged in a circle around the selected images and are also more transparent than the ones in the circle).

Past Visions // Zoom // layered information

The user can zoom into the images and clusters and enjoy the high-resolution scans up close.

Upon clicking on an image a white stripe with an arrow pointing to the left appears on the right side of the screen, giving the user to explore the next layer of information – the descriptions are however only availble in German. They even contain links to research papers.

Past Visions