BibleViz // Main view for Cross-reference

BibleViz was a project by a protestant pastor and Chris Harrison, Assistant Professor of Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University, and contains three different visualizations dealing with the cross-references in the bible, relations between people and places and distribution of people and places throughout the bible. These different topics lead to an arc, a map and an interesting pattern.

The cross-references between the bible’s different books and chapters are displayed through colored lines connecting the different chapters with each other. The color represents how far apart the chapters are. The lines are designed in arcs, creating a rainbow-like visualization.

BibleViz // “social network”

The map displays the networks between different people as well as places described in the bible and shows the amount of mentions and connections through grouping, sizing and positioning.


BibleViz // relations in a pattern

Through positioning and lines, the third visualization shows how people and places are distributed throughout the bible.