Weißwasser Transformation of a shrinking city

Normally one says: “Here was once a meadow, now there is a house.” Here it is reversed. The history and atmosphere of a shrinking region, as well as collective memories of the people living in the urban prairie, act back to the urban space through the collected portraits.



“We once met a guy over the internet, stayed at his place for a week and consumed crystal the whole time. If you want, you can get everything here. In the capital it is the same though. Only that you have more chances of work there. Here you are completely stuck.”

The series of photographs is accompanied by a photobook. Besides the photographs it contains fragments of interviews with people living in the region.


The work was exhibited at Monat der Fotografie Off, European Month of Photography and TRAFO Weißwasser.

Monat der Fotografie Off

Es regnet Vögel, Monat der Fotografie Off, solo exhibition, Galerie erstererster, Berlin, 2016

European Month of Photography

Blackout, European Month of Photography, group exhibition, Schloßstraße 10, Kommunale Galerie Berlin, 2016

TRAFO Weißwasser

TRAFO Weißwasser, group exhibition, Alter Foxmarkt, Weißwasser, 2016
Stephanie Neumann
Wiebke Loeper