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Tobias Kauer is a PhD student at the Centre for Design Informatics (University of Edinburgh) and an associated researcher at the Urban Complexity Lab (FH Potsdam). He is interested in ways to make data collection and visualization more inclusive. For him, thinking critically about data releases its transformative power.

Tobias obtained his Master’s degree in Urban Futures from the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. After working as UX designer and team lead for a Berlin based design studio, he joined Nokia Bell Labs (Cambridge, UK) as a visualization researcher and practitioner. He worked on the visualization of urban beauty & vitality, street ethnography, conflict timelines and peace agreement data. His research explores the integration of qualitative and contextual data into visualization interfaces.

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Participatory Deep Maps: Towards Discursive User Engagement With Data Visualizations

— CityVis: 2nd Workshop on Urban Data Visualization at IEEE VIS, 2019

This paper introduces the concept of deep participatory maps, an approach to democratizing the way local knowl- edge is collected, shared, and discussed using interactive data visualizations. While geovisualizations provide a useful frame of reference for mapping spatial data and local knowledge, generally, they remain artifacts of a uni- directional creation and communication process: from the data source to the audience. This process is curated by the cartographer, visualization designers, or any other author. Typically, this results in a singular perspective onto the underlying data and the represented issues. […]