Jonas Parnow Information Visualization

Jonas is a research associate at the Urban Complexity Lab at FH Potsdam. With a critical and wide understanding of what visuali­zations are he is not only interested in the technical aspects but also the cultural and political meaning of these graphics.

Jonas holds a Bachelor degree in media design at Rheinische University of Applied Science Cologne (RFH) and a Master Degree in Interface Design atUniversity of Applied Science Potsdam. Besides working for the Infographics Group for several years he founded his own studio. His past projects include Airbnb vs. Berlin, which was nominated for the Online Grimme Award and the Information is Beautiful Award and the Designpreis Brandenburg, his master thesis about Micro Visualization, which he also presented at the IEEE Vis and other project for which he received the German Lead Award.

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Micro Visualizations: Data-driven typography and graphical text enhancement

— InfoVis Poster, 2015

At the intersection of information visualization and typography lies the design space of micro visualization, a family of basic techniques enriching text in regard of its accessibility, comprehensibility, and memorability. We propose a taxonomy that differentiates specific types of visualizations applied to text design and layout. We elaborate two main approaches to aligning the visual appearance of a text and its content. The first explores the addition of graphical elements embedded into or adjacent to a text, while the other approach explores the visual modification of a text by means of typographic visualization. For this we evaluate how different techniques can be used as visual variables.